Our swimming pools

We invite you to enjoy and relax in our 3 pools with exclusive pools tempered with natural waters, which also, with a wonderful view and the movement of its waters are conjugated with the warm and warm summer breeze, colorful autumn, lush and flowery Spring or the undulating winter rain, giving an inspired relaxation to forget the worldly city noise and put our bodies and minds in intense contact with nature.

Heated Pool

Swimming pool Volcano

Covered and closed, in the shape of a volcano, it has 2 wonderful restrooms in its crater submerged in the water, to lie on them and enjoy a delicious hydro massage directly behind. In the center there is an imposing mañío tree that supports the whole structure, giving a very pleasant atmosphere and view for relaxation.

Heated Pool

swimming pool Half Moon

Located on the terrace, shaped like a crescent, in this pool you can relax and enjoy a great view of the volcano Villarrica.

Heated Pool

Swimming pool Sun

Also located on the terrace, with circular shape, in this pool you can sit and enjoy a great view of the mountains and Pucón Valley.