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Best practices and Sustainable develop

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In Mirador Los Volcanes , sustainability has been a key from the planning and construction phase . Some of the sustainable practices of the physical property and the operation itself include :

1. Solar panels to illuminate entrances and common areas .

2. Underground electrical systems that do not interfere with wildlife or endangering guests and workers.

3. All lighting fixtures is with low power and lighting with LED technology in SPA Acqua sector .

4. In season we offer our own garden products and fruit grown organically .

5. Recycling of biodegradable to be used as fertilizer

6. System of ionization of gold and silver to clean the pool water , minimizing the use of chlorine .

7. Recycling bins for paper, glass , cans and plastics that are sent to recycling companies .

8. 1 gallon flush toilets are used throughout.

9. Humanitarian donation programs to help schools and our community

10. All of our employees are from the area so we can "recycle " our profits back to our community

11. The education of our employees, guests and neighbors about good practices

12. Advanced system for composting organic waste recycling

13. A greenhouse where organic herbs and vegetables are grown for our restaurant . The land comes from compost material prepared in our recycling area.